Scale Reduction

Limescale reduction is provided only by the Newton Fluoride + Scale Systems and Cartridges. The Contaminants + Fluoride Cartridge are not designed to reduce scale.

Important Information About Limescale Removal

The media used in these filters is classed as a "scale inhibitor" and not a "scale eradicator". These filters are highly effective at reducing limescale, however, they are not rated to effectively remove limescale. It coats calcium and magnesium to prevent them from forming, which is the process that creates scale. 

The filters will be effective for those who live in soft to moderately hard water, whilst those with very hard water will see a reduction in limescale, however, the issue may still persist.

People who live in hard to very hard water areas need to seek out dedicated scale filtration with a resin-based, Reverse Osmosis or de-alk media filter for complete scale removal. Newton filters will reduce and prevent the formation of scale, however, they will not “remove” it completely, especially in very hard water areas. 

The reason for not being able to put scale removal media in a 2" diameter candle comes with the life expectancy.  There is only so much room inside a ceramic candle of this size and de-alk or resin-based media that would be required for scale removal will expire very quickly. 

For Europe in general, prevention of scale deposits/buildup is essential for tea and coffee.  Taking the mineral out completely or exchanging it alters the water chemically. 

With a generous capacity of 650 gallons or 2460 litres, the Newton Fluoride Scale Gravity Water Filter Replacement Cartridge ensures long-lasting performance and fewer cartridge replacements, providing excellent value for your investment.

Upgrade your gravity filtration system today with the ground-breaking Newton Fluoride Scale Gravity Water Filter Replacement Cartridge. Enjoy the benefits of purified water free from contaminants, fluoride and the damaging effects of limescale, even in hard water areas. Take the next step towards healthier hydration for you and your loved ones.